[CQ-Contest] I Shudda Known Betta - de W6T

Patrick J Korkowski pkorkows at badlands.NoDak.edu
Wed Dec 3 13:30:14 EST 1997

> I thought we were past this problem but there were several stations that
> *refused* to work us saying QSO B4.  (You know who you are). Obviously
> they had busted someone else's call down to W6T and now we could not
> pick up the multiplier.  What happened to "Log 'em and move on"?  The
> software will mark the QSO as a dupe on their log but if they don't
> actually work me, I have NOTHING in mine!  

There was another similar trend that I found to be disturbing this 
weekend.  I think it was N5KO that suggested sending only your callsign 
if the other station had busted your call, that way they would have to 
fix it before logging you.  Well, I tried this, and several times the 
the other stations came back with something like KB0O TU QRZ?.  They 
logged me even though I NEVER sent them my exchange. 

There were other times when stations would come back with something like 
0o 5nn 14, and I would reply with kb0o tu 5nn 4.  Many times the 
response I got to this was TU QRZ? How do I know they got my call 
right?  I guess that it doesn't matter what method you take, some 
stations are simply determined to make QSO's as fast as they can, 
at the expense of accuracy and the enjoyment of low power S&P 

73, Pat KB0O       

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