[CQ-Contest] Multi/single

Joe Humet jhumet at mhv.net
Sun Dec 7 22:58:21 EST 1997

I think its about the CAC does somthing about the guys who run 2 ststion 
at the same timeand put for the multi/single class..
If they are running two ststions they should be in that class.
Just because the rules says only one signal on the air at a time that
dosn't mean 2 stations running.. Thats not what the rules mean.
Sure they are within the rules but thats not the intent of the rules.
I for one am very tired of seeing guys with 2000 and 2400 q's and more
in the multi/single class, to say nothing about the ones in the single
class.. I know how we broke our ass this year to make 1534 q's in ss
running multi/single with ONE radio, Not 2. We had some very good
operators here too. 2 of them world class. 
I may not have the greatest equipment or antenna system in the world,
but it isn't junk ether. But 100q's phr avg for 24 hrs? Give me a
Come on CAC get off your Dead asses and do something... Thats what your
there for. Its your job. I can't believe that ARRL isn't looking these
scores and think "Whats up"...
Its shouldn't the guy with the most money wins. Just cause someone can
buy a mt top some place and put up 3,4 or 5 towers with 5/5/5/5 on all
bands is nice but it isn't right for them to be in the same class with
the rest of us. I guess this isn't a hobby anymore, its the guy with the
most bucks wins....
Oh Well I've said my peace.
73  Joe

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