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Mon Dec 8 10:07:23 EST 1997

>   If you intend to participate in future contests, don't tweak the
> contest administration gods with details of transgressions by holy
> persons.  It will come back to haunt you if you do.  I know.
>   73, Jay
>       w6go at quiknet.com

You have to realize that there are people who attain some form of
position be it an officer of a large radio club or even ARRL position
that are experiencing the biggest influential position of their lives.
Few would be selected if they had to present resumes with business

Who do people elect to manage a corporation the size of the ARRL ?  Does
anyone ask for corporate managerial experience or do you just shake the
hand of a guy with a big signal ?

These people are not gods. I stopped working M/S with one ARRL type when
I spotted him not being able to stay out of the Extra band on 20 meters
as a Advanced class. Position and ethics don't go side by side.

       73, Bob, W2CE


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