[CQ-Contest] TS940 Hiccup's cured!

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Wed Dec 10 09:21:02 EST 1997

Thanks to all who responded...here's the consensus of opinion...

One of the first responses was from Lee, ZL2AL who indicated that he had
the same problem which was cured by the replacement of a transformer on the
synthesizer board. Apparently with advancing age, wax in the transformer
dries out and causes intermittent operation. Replacement is simple and
fairly cheap.

Thanks for the info, Lee

Others responded with the same cure (altho with less detail). 

An alternative diagnosis was, of course, the ubiqutous RFI which is a
continuing battle. In this case, however, I lean toward the component as
the cause. The trusty 940 is, after all getting along in years.

Thanks for all the quick responses. I hope to have a confirmation from
Kenwood in a day or two and perhaps an estimate of repair cost for those
who don't wish to tackle it themselves.

Bill, W1HIJ 

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>From Dick Dievendorff, K6KR" <dieven at msn.com  Wed Dec 10 17:26:27 1997
From: Dick Dievendorff, K6KR" <dieven at msn.com (Dick Dievendorff, K6KR)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 17:26:27 -0000
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Logs and QSLs
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How many QSLs per hour can the awards checkers handle if they have to go to a
web site per contact?  I bet it's a lot slower than scanning through a big pile
of QSL cards.  I've seen Bill Kennamer and other ARRL field checkers at work at
Dayton and Visalia.  They're pretty quick.  If they had to spend even one minute
finding a server for a claimed callsign, downloading a file of calls and
searching it for the QSO in question, it would be a lot slower than it is now.

I wouldn't want my claim to be rejected because the awards checkers couldn't
access the database at the time I claimed my award.  I don't like the money and
time it takes to get the cards, but it's better than some of the alternatives.
If only some of the awards accept electronic submissions but others require
cards, I'll always need a card. If only some of the stations I work provide
acceptable electronic logs then I'll probably need cards from most of the
others.  If the station I work makes his logs available for awards checkers for
only a limited time, then I'm SOL (severely out of luck) if I submit my award
later than this station thinks I should.  I'd rather have the card and be in
control of the situation.

Many actually enjoy handling the paper and having a concrete confirmation of the
QSO. The QSL card is many things to many people.  To some, it's just a document
required for one award.  To others it's much more.  I'm sure none of the guys
who ask for my card need USA on 20 meters for the ARRL DXCC program.  It must be
something else.

I'm sure TF3IRA could provide an electronic log to the ARRL and CQ magazine.
What if the other "century club" awards require different log formats?  Check
out an awards catalog.  There are a lot of countries and organizations offering
100 country awards.  Would TF3IRA be willing to provide a log to each and every
one of them in their required format?  What if even one of these organizations
did not accept electronic logs?  Then a guy who NEEDs a card for his particular
award of choice is up a creek because TF3IRA, having supplied a log to the ARRL
(or a web site) decides not to issue QSL cards.  Since I don't today know what
awards I might want to apply for in the future, and I don't know how long your
data will persist on your web site, I'd want your card.

What you're trying to do is shift the burden onto the very few awards checkers.
I don't think this is as nifty as is advertised.

73 de Dick, K6KR

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Logs and QSLs

>I've been having a little dialogue with the guys at SK0UX regarding E-QSLs,
>which has devolved into trying to figure out an easy way to resurrect the
>practice of having contest QSOs count for awards without having to exchange
>QSLs, as was the case during the 50s-70s.
>It seems to me that the only thing that should be required is for the
>awards people to have access to a database containing a list of the calls
>TF3IRA (for example) worked on a given band.  That would be a pretty small
>file, and it should even be possible to store and search the band-by-band
>"dupe sheets" of all those who submit logs, without a large expenditure of
>computer resources.
>I may be naive, but now that the age-old feud between CQ and the ARRL seems
>to be over, would you guys be interested in getting together to work out a
>standard database format?  If that were done, then you could each store
>your own databases on your own sites, and use straightforward methods to
>verify award claims from the other's records as well as your own.
>How about it?
>Pete N4ZR
>In Wild Wonderful, fairly rare WEST Virginia
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