[CQ-Contest] FW: Guam Typhoon Mess! Message from KH2D.

Ramirez, Kenneth EXCH KRAMIREZ at intermedia.com
Wed Dec 17 08:12:28 EST 1997

Subject:  Guam Typhoon Mess! Message from KH2D.

This is a relay from Jim, KH2D, well known contester from Guam. It may 
be awhile before we hear Guam on the air in the contests. Ken N4UK

Hafa Dude,
      Typhoon is over. We got our ass kicked. Concrete telephone poles 
over the
island snapped. Wires everywhere. No power. No water. Probably be 2-3 
until they put the power back together. First typhoon I was ever 
scared. The
house (concrete) was rattling and vibrating like hell. Eye went right 
middle of
the island, and we were too far south to be in the eye, so we got the 
wall high
winds for about 3 hours. No trees left anywhere, except 2 little 
mess. WH2U had a window blow out in radio room, about 2 feet from amp, 
the wall caved in, so whole condo was flooded.  KH2JU has 6 inches of 
water in
the shack.  NH2A house flooded.  KH2A house 6 feet of water, and porch 
away.  They are saying this is worst typhoon since Karen in 1962. 
 Cars blew
I saw a bunch of 40 foot containers out in the road.....

       Anyway, I got the generator going, and I am gonna look for you 
on 75,
but I'm
QRP, only 100 watts so probably won't work. I can do email with the 
when I
have the generator going....

73, Jim

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