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Tue Dec 30 03:16:58 EST 1997

Steve, K7LXC wrote:
   The Effective Moment (EM - weight times turning radius) capacity of the
G-1000 is 2020 ft-lbs. The EM of the T2X is 3400 ft-lbs. Parts (in the States
anyway) for the Hy-Gain products are MUCH easier to come by when you need to
fix them. My vote would be for the TailTwister.

If that difference in EM ratings isn't critical, I suggest looking at a couple
other aspects of these rotors. 

 First is reliability. Having easily available spare parts is really important
when it breaks. If the reliability record is good, then its not so important.
My T2X has a modest load (KT34XA & a 2 ele shorty fourty), yet it is always
getting stuck. This seems to be a brake problem. With patience a bit of "back
and forth" with the controls will loosen the brake... however I've twice
broken the rotor/mast bolt trying this.  If it sticks at the end of the
rotation (S), it means climbing the tower.

Second is operational ease.  The G1000 has a "set and forget" direction knob
which is very nice.  The T2X requires one hand on the box for up to a minute
while  rotating the circle.  The other advantage of the G1000 is its ability
to turn well past 360 degrees.

The T2X can be modified to be made usefull.  I installed the CATS "set and
forget" directional control along with a automatic brake release timer. That
works, but the controller tends to oscillate (and broke yet another bolt!) so
I don't use it. It can be modified (mod to the mod) and made to work, I just
havn't had the time.

Given my experience, I'd rather have the G1000 than all these headaches.  

So far I only know of two guys using the G1000, and they havn't had a lot of
experience yet.  Anyone out there with G1000 reliability storys?

73,  Al
AD6E at aol.com

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