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Please join in on the NC QSO PARTY, FEB 22 & 23.

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On that faithful day, I hope you will say, "up up and away". 

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>From n4bp at (Bob Patten)  Wed Jan  8 08:38:34 1997
From: n4bp at (Bob Patten) (Bob Patten)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 03:38:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Fifty States in Fifty Days Challenge
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A large sector of the QRP community is currently engaged in a "Fifty 
States in Fifty Days" challenge which began on January 1st.  The 
challenge is the brainchild of Jim Hydzik, K3QIO.  "Volunteers" from each 
of the fifty states are scheduled to operate on specific days to offer up 
their states in more or less alphabetical order.  Today will be Jim's day 
to give out Delaware.  Tomorrow, Thursday, January 9 will be my day to 
put out Florida.  My "schedule" will be as follows:

	1-4 PM EST (1700-2000Z)   14.058        All Frequencies
	4-5 PM EST (2000-2100Z)   10.115        +/- QRM, etc.
	5-7 PM EST (2100-2300Z)    7.040

I'll be running a FT-1000MP at 5w output so it will be a challenge to 
pick up my weak signal.  Please look for me and give me a call.

While not exactly a CONTEST, I thought some of you might like to take up 
the challenge of making WAS the hard way.  Some of you may even want to 
volunteer to give out your state for a few hours?  The schedule of 
stations is updated daily.  If there is any interest, I can post the 
updates to this reflector or they can be read on the QRP-L reflector.  Or, 
for more specific information, you can e-mail Jim, K3QIO at 
congress at  Information is also posted on KI7MN's (hope I have 
his call right!) Web page which I can look up if any interest.

Bob Patten, N4BP
Plantation, FL
n4bp at

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