Petition (100W)

Scott Ellington sdelling at
Fri Jan 17 09:56:17 EST 1997

Chad Kurszewski WE9V wrote:
> I know you guys were comtemplating this recently, but to make it official,
> I hereby petition you to reduce the NAQP transmitter power down to 100W.
> You know the reasons, so I know I don't have to get into it.  Let's just
> do it.

I'll second that.


Scott  K9MA
sdelling at

>From wd8rin at (bill loviska)  Fri Jan 17 16:03:07 1997
From: wd8rin at (bill loviska) (bill loviska)
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 11:03:07 -0500
Subject: NAQP changes
Message-ID: < at>

As long the times, they are a changin.  Let's limit antennas to 2 el @ 35ft,
and 13 wpm CW and the name sent twice and full spelling of your location ;-]
BTW  if we know the playing field cannot be level, why are we trying to
level it?

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