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Mon Jan 20 12:38:35 EST 1997

Can someone please advise me if NAQP CW logs
stilll can be emailed to W9NQ at  Sent a
query to that address and never received reply.
wi0r at

>From n4bp at (Bob Patten)  Mon Jan 20 18:50:33 1997
From: n4bp at (Bob Patten) (Bob Patten)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 13:50:33 -0500 (EST)
Subject: FSFD (50 States) Update for Jan 20 (fwd)
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.970120135014.24722A-100000 at hyper>

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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 05:54:07 -0500
From: Jim Hydzik <congress at>
To: Low Power Amateur Radio Discussion <qrp-l at Lehigh.EDU>
Subject: FSFD (50 States) Update for Jan 20

Hello ALL,      (QRP activity info at

The 50 States In 50 Days (FSFD) activity started Jan 01 and runs through
Feb. 20.  Below is a the schedule of States for the next few days.  We will
attempt to provide digested schedules of states/times/bands/freqs. to help
reduce message traffic to the reflector.  Typically, only 1 message per day.
                                          ALL TIMES UTC
Jan. 20 Monday  MARYLAND NF3I, Scott 1000-1100   MON-UTC   7.037
                                     0000-0200   TUE-UTC  10.109
                                     0300-0500   TUE-UTC   3.545

                        N3REY, John  1000-1200   MON-UTC   3.555
                                     1201-1300             7.042
                                     1301-1400            10.116
                                     2000-2200            10.116
                                     0001-0200   TUE-UTC   7.042
                                     0201-0300    "   "    3.555

Jan. 21 Tuesday MASSACHUSETS WA1QVM  2000-2100       UTC  14.057
                              Joel   2100-2200       UTC  10.108
                                     2200-0100             7.037
                                     0100-0200   WED-UTC   3.557

     KANSAS    KANSAS  WA0EAF, Gary  0100-0300   WED-UTC   7.040
                                     0330-0500   WED-UTC  10.110
                                       If 30M dead, then   3.560

     KANSAS           KB0PZD, Bruce  2100-2300       UTC  14.060
                                     2300-0100             7.040

                      KG0MZ, John    0500-0600   WED-UTC   3.560

Jan. 22 Wed. MICHIGAN    WA8LCZ, Byron 2000-2200     UTC 14.060-062
                                       2200-0000          7.041-043
   NOTE: Byron will also do MI on      0000-0500 THUR-UTC 3.697-700
         Jan. 25 on 18.085 15-2000z

            WA8CDU       WA8CDU, Bill  2200-2400     UTC  14.060-062
                                       0000-0200 THUR-UTC  7.038-040

                         W8KC, Paul    0200-0230 THUR-UTC  7.035-040
                                       0230-0315 THUR-UTC  3.710-715
                                       0315-0400 THUR-UTC  1.810-815

                         W8RU, Ron           TBA


Jan. 23 Thursday MINNESOTA  K0EVZ, Doc 2300-0130       UTC  7.040
                                       0130-0300   FRI-UTC  7.112
                                       0300-0500   FRI-UTC  7.040

                             N0UR, Jim 2000-           UTC 14.060
       Let's keep Jim Busy.            2100-           UTC 10.116
       He'll stay on as long           2200-           UTC  7.040
       as the calls keep coming.       0100-       FRI-UTC  3.580
 Jim will check 21.060 @ 15 minutes past the hour starting 2000 UTC

               WEST VIRGINIA  K5IID/8  0100-0330   FRI-UTC  7.055
                                       0345-0500   FRI-UTC  3.535
Jan. 24 Friday WEST VIRGINIA  K5IID/8  1230-1300       UTC  3.565
          Tom will be active all day,  1330-1400            7.055
          signing K8IID/8/WVA and ck   1500-1530           10.110
          Novice segments of active    1530-1630           14.045
          band at 15 min past the hr.  1700-1730           21.065
           Sugg. 7.112 & 3.708 MHz.    1730-1800           28.065
       Tom will also be available on the 160M contest Friday night

 MS          MISSISSIPPI  K5XU, Mike   0100-0330  SAT-UTC   7.042

Most every sign-up came with a note saying they would go longer if busy.
Frequencies are +/- QRM & typ. may reach as far as 3-4 KHz from posted freq.

CALLING CQ:  A suggestion.  If we call CQ WAS  or  WAS QRP de K6....  etc,
we give those not on QRP-L an indication of what we're doing.  FSFD type
calling might be too cryptic for all but ourselves.  However 'FS' is fine
when busy.  Exchange RST, State/Province/Country, and Name.  Power level is
nice to know.

ALASKA & HAWAII:  Jim-AL7FS is back from Hawaii and will activate ALASKA as
soon as KL7Y's 40M beam repairs are complete.  Watch for Jim's postings.
Thanks to him for the HI effort.
KB0ROL is in HAWAII until Jan. 25 and will post his time/freq info to the
group when ready.  Best guess is Thursday 0200-0400 UTC on 20M or 40M.  More
info soon.

If you want to sign-up for an upcoming State, e-mail band/freq/time directly to:
                         congress at
Thanks for all the responses/encouragement and suggestions.  Lets have a blast!

Jim  K3QIO  Wilmington, Delaware  

>From w9nq at (Bob Selbrede)  Mon Jan 20 20:32:11 1997
From: w9nq at (Bob Selbrede) (Bob Selbrede)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 12:32:11 -0800
Subject: email for NAQP
Message-ID: <199701202032.MAA02561 at>


Received your message and sent you a reply.  I've posted E-Mail instructions
to CQ-Contest several times in the last 10 days.  The answer...Yes.  Hope
this reply will also help others having the same question.  If anyone needs
further assistance, please drop me a note.  Also note that Steve Merchant,
K6AW, gets the NAQP SSB logs.  He can be reached at: merchant at

73, Bob K6ZZ

At 12:38 PM 1/20/97 -0500, WI0R at wrote:
>Can someone please advise me if NAQP CW logs
>stilll can be emailed to W9NQ at  Sent a
>query to that address and never received reply.
>wi0r at

>From bernie.mcclenny at (Bernie McClenny, W3UR)  Mon Jan 20 17:03:41 1997
From: bernie.mcclenny at (Bernie McClenny, W3UR) (Bernie McClenny, W3UR)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 09:03:41 -0800
Subject: REF Feb 98 SSB date?
References: <337936 at>
Message-ID: <32E3A56D.4CF4 at>

Dick, Since you did not say which territory might I suggest a few:

I would guess that it will be FG, FM or FS, but if it is FY please take a 
big antenna for 160 meters!  

de Bernie

wilder at wrote:
> I would like to determine, FOR SURE, the date of the REF contest at
> the end of February 1998 (repeat 1998).  Do you have an Email address
> for REF contest folks?  I need to know because I am now making
> hotel and air reservations to operate from a French Territory.
> My problem is there are only three weekends in Feb 98.  The ARRL CW
> is weekend number three.  The REF contest usually is the next
> weekend but we ran out of weekends.  (I hope they will hold it 28 Feb and
> 1 Mar 1998!)
> Please save bandwidth and reply to me directly.  I will merge the info
> into one message and send it to cq-contest.
> 73, Dick Wilder, K3DI
>     I respond to QSL requests via packet, Internet, or K3-bureau.
>     (I won't refuse a SASE direct; I'm easy.)
>     7J1AOE (93)   C6AHL (94)   K3DI/VP9 (94)   DL/K3DI (95)   ZF2OP (96)
>     Waiting for documentation for 6Y0A and F/K3DI (97)

Bernie McClenny W3UR (ex WR3E, WB3JRU)

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