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J.P. Kleinhaus w2xx at cloud9.net
Thu Jan 23 10:46:56 EST 1997

Dear Mr. Fageol:

In light of the following comment you made:

> Its about like the vanity extra's asking why there is RF in the shack,
> when they transmitt their Alpha into the antenna that's a few feet > away.

Could you please explain how my "vanity extra" is in anyway different
from your "extra" crass license?

Very 73,



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>From k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp)  Thu Jan 23 16:21:06 1997
From: k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp) (Charles Fulp)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 16:21:06 +0000
Subject: Club Calls
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Since I bought my perfect call over 20 years ago (something like that), I
have had little interest in the recent events, except to try to learn some
of the new calls.
I am not too keen on the hoarding of club calls by any individual.
The single decent contest calls gotten by guys that may or may not
have had a chance to get a good update when the time came, does not
especially bother me.  If I had my choice I would go back to having to sign
/ when not in a call area that was formerly indicated by the call.  I don't
think this will ever happen, so any US/POSSESSION call from any
US/possession seems to be the way it is.

A CONTEST related matter would be the ARRL CLUB AGGREGATE Competition.  As
a student of the rules, sometimes obvious things that we HAVE to do, jump
out as well as things we MIGHT GET AWAY WITH.  One of our Club members is
trustee for WX3MAS "Christmas City Radio Club" a very small club, that
loans the call to another much bigger local club.  If for some reason the
call were used by a FRC member in an ARRL event, it seems to me that his
score could not count for FRC.  The rules require that both the operator
and the holder of the call used be FRC and ARRL eligible members (2
meetings attended).  Use of a call of another club, no matter how small,
would seem to make it impossible to comply with this rule, thus making such
club calls ineligible from the club aggregate portion of the ARRL events.  

Any other views or official pronouncements?

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