Log Reminder..Stew Perry DC

Greg Clark putt at ai2a.net
Sun Jan 26 11:06:22 EST 1997

A reminder to those that participated in the Top-Band Distance
Challenge...Stew Perry Contest in December 1996.  Logs are due by Jan.
28, 1997.

Logs can be e-mailed to:

tbdc at contesting.com

REMINDER - It is requested that logs be sent in ASCII format.  If paper
logs are sent, they will be considered check-logs.

There was an earlier post asking for power levels of certain stations. 
Due to a hard-drive problem on my side, I need to have the following
stations report their power level again..sorry.


Also because of the data loss, I need AJ6T...I believe..to resubmit his

For those that sent in BIN files.  If there is any way that you could
get an ASCII version of the log and e-mail it in, it would be
appreciated.  Send it to the above address.

If there are any questions, please direct them to me directly.


Greg N9IG
putt at ai2a.net

>From trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough)  Sun Jan 26 17:28:55 1997
From: trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough) (Trey Garlough)
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 97 9:28:55 PST
Subject: [DX] OX1OM-SLIM??
Message-ID: <CMM. at scv-cse-4.cisco.com>

Please do not cross-post messages from the DX mailing list to the
CQ-Contest mailing list.  Thank you for your consideration.

--Trey, N5KO

> On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Mike Smith-VE9AA, Coreen Smith-Wynder Photo wrote:
> > I wonder if anyone can verify that Ox1om, heard in the CqWW160m
> > cw contest was the real McCoy ?
> > I was under the impression that all Greenland hams use
> > OX3...........Also, in addition to having a real slow BAD fist, he 
> > seemed to forget his call (or parts of it) on a regular basis.
> > (sorry, OX1OM if you read this, hi!)
> > We all appreciated the QSO, but was it just one of our TOPBAND
> > brethren having one over on us?
> > I noted that sometimes he would send "oG1"  once in a while.
> > Was it a G-station? (smirk)
> > He had a really big signal here in NB, Well over s-9.
> Big Don remembers one like that from 20 years ago.  Real klutzy op
> didn't know how to run a pile up, or really what to send when, but he
> stuck around for awhile and a few of us got "worked."  Not much else was
> happening on a deadsville band and this guy had a monster juicy signal.
> He was using some weird callsign like OXB4X on 14.005.
> Well after he left we had a little discussion on the frequency about what
> to make of all that.  The consensus was some bored-out-of-his-skull
> commercial op in the frozen wastelands somewhere decided to drop into 
> the ham bands to break up the monotony...
> You mention a slow bad fist and big signal for ox1om...that fits the
> pattern/syndrome...
> Big Don
> http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~garya/uncle.html

>From broz at csn.net (John Brosnahan)  Sun Jan 26 18:52:41 1997
From: broz at csn.net (John Brosnahan) (John Brosnahan)
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 11:52:41 -0700
Subject: Fiber optic contest computer networks
Message-ID: <199701261852.AA25754 at ns-1.csn.net>

A few years ago, at Dayton, I believe, someone talked about networking
computers in a multi-op situation with fiber optic links.  And I believe
that the networking components were offered for sale.

Does anyone know:
1)  Who was responsible for the design and marketing?
2)  If they are still available?
3)  How they have performed?

Any information--especially technical details-- would be appreciated.

Thanks--John  W0UN

John Brosnahan
La Salle Research Corp.
24115 County Road 40
La Salle, CO 80645 USA

voice 970-284-6602
fax   970-284-0979
email broz at csn.net

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