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Tue Jan 28 02:26:21 EST 1997

Please accept my thanks for a great job on the posting of bulletins and logs
for Heard Island. 
The logs were instrumental in keeping me from "duping" on 80 CW as my Q was a
rough one with QSB/QRN, but knowing I had it in the log, I left the pile ups
to others.
Wish I could have heard them on 160 here, but it was not to be for me. Also,
finally heard them real well on 30, but couldn't get thru the East/midwest
atations calling. so be it, btu pleas also pass my heartfelt thanks fo a job
well done to them.

Also - IF you can find out exactly when Mike N6MZ will be arriving back in
Seattle, we would appreciate knowing, (possibly without him knowing) so that
the Western Washington DX Club can have a welcoming committee on hand.

President WWDXC

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From: cookar2 at (Cook, Andy, COOKAR2) (Cook, Andy, COOKAR2)
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 97 12:10:00 UCT
Subject: Vee Beams - making uni-directional?
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I've been toying with the idea of doing one or both of the ARRL DX contests 
this year, but my tower at home is fully loaded with an EME array for 2m and 
various 70cm antennas which makes putting big HF yagis on it a pain - takes 
too long to take the VHF stuff off. So - since I have lots of space, my mind 
had turned to the concept of using a Vee Beam. Playing with ELNEC I've found 
that you I can make an unterminated Vee Beam have useful gain and take-off 
angle across 7/14/21 MHz, but this is with a more or less bi-directional 
pattern - only a couple of dB front-to-back. This suggests that I'm throwing 
something around a couple of dB of potential forward gain away, and of 
course adding a major QRM source. Adding terminations to the far ends of the 
wires certainly adds front to back, but also sends the gain crashing - say, 
at 14 MHz, 10 degrees el from 15dBi down to 9dBi - the wrong way!

Can anyone here shed any light on where I'm going wrong with the design, or 
is this just a fundamental problem with Vee beams. As an alternative, any 
suggestions for a pair of Vs which can hang from a single support and which 
can be phased to cancel off the back and add on the front! I guess one form 
of this is actually a rhombic which I can just about figure how to support 
on strings from a big stub in the top of the tower and which looks pretty 
good in performamce terms, but it is also going to be a lot more work.

Any ideas appreciated, and hope to see you as M7T!


Andy Cook, G4PIQ
g4piq at

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