FT-1000mp Contest keyer Info

Billy R. Gallier wt4k at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 28 18:17:00 EST 1997

I see couple guys asking abt the contest keyer in the 1000mp.
Maybe this will help:

The FT-1000mp Operating Manual's explanation of Contest Memory Keyer 
operation may be somewhat incomplete.

1. Use the "lambic 2" keyer mode (Menu item 7-0)
2. The so-called "CQ Message" (activated by Key #1) is the message slot
which must be used for generation of a contest serial number (e.g. 599
001, 599 002, etc.)
3.  To imbed a contest serial number in a mesage, insert four question
marks ("????") at the point in the message where you want the contest
 Four digits will not necessarily be sent, depending on whether you have
three- or four-digit contest number playback selected via Menu item 7-6.
But you must send four question marks (not three) to imbed the contest
number correctly.
4.  A contest number will not function in the "MSG 0" ~ "MSG 3" slots.
Hope this all helps.  These instructions were part of the FH-1 Remote
Control Key Pad and should apply to your keyer.  (I hope???)
de Bill   WT4K  (X-KQ4GC)

>From kn6dv at qnet.com (Will, KN6DV)  Wed Jan 29 00:44:05 1997
From: kn6dv at qnet.com (Will, KN6DV) (Will, KN6DV)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 00:44:05 -0000
Subject: SCCC phone SPRINTers needed!
Message-ID: <199701290044.QAA25959 at ns2.qnet.com>

I am still looking for more team members in the Phone Sprint for this
Please drop me a note.
Thanks 73 Will,  KN6DV

kn6dv at contesting.com


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