[CQ-Contest] PCMCIA Serial Port Update

T. Wall tjwall at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Thu Jul 31 23:14:59 EDT 1997

Made a few calls to see who has what in the way of a 2-port laptop
serial card. I settled on a 2-port Silicom (that's not a typo) unit p/n
SLS2S-H from A+ Computing (1-800-878-1354) for $175. Other prices ranged
from 179 for a one-port board to 249 for a 2-port board.

They confirmed that the ports can be assigned IRQ 3-7 and 9-12 so it
should work ok with CT. Once I get it I'll provide some info on how it

Thanks to KH7U for the lead which pointed me to these folks. 

73 de Tom K2TW			tjwall at worldnet.att.net

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