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David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Tue Jul 1 00:03:03 EDT 1997

Charles Fulp wrote:
> I tried to find a path to
> hassle him, but if I did, he did not bite.  He exchanged
> FD reports via DX spots just like many of the guys were doing.

i was on wu3v most of saturday, but sunday i was pretty busy here
so only played with a few other connections.  sorry i missed you.

> It is a shame that we can't somehow teach visitors and regular users
> of the
> Packet Cluster(tm) how it is supposed to work, with very slick TALK
> messages quite workable.

unfortunately the way the network has been configured to make some of
the links work it restricts the talk message method to local areas.
for instance here in new england we get and send dx spots through
an internet link from k1xx to k9ja(?? ex ks9k) which then get to wu3v
and out to the rest of the world.  but this link does not send user
login info, or even node connect info, so even if home nodes are set
properly there is no way to talk across that gateway.  i think there
are several others that branch out from wu3v that are limited the same
way since i could find users who's nodes didn't show, but who did
respond to dx spot qso's.  maybe some day when all the nodes get faster
than 1200 baud links, or someone comes up with a better packet network,
we will be able to talk direct anywhere, but for now using dx spots
is the only way to bridge the gaps.  i did work many of the local users
with talks since that is much better where it works, but by late 
saturday and most of sunday the qso's were all done via dx spots.

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