[CQ-Contest] Re: Field Day is a Joke...

John Warren nt5c at easy.com
Tue Jul 1 13:18:45 EDT 1997

You're wrong Ken.

Just about a month ago, the hams of Williamson County here in Central Texas
did a superb job at a REAL emergency - the tornado in Jarrell, which killed
29 people, with 80mph+ winds over a wide area. For hours after the twister,
we provided essential communications for the emergency services, because -
just as you describe - all towers and lines of every kind had been blown
away. Lots of kudos for ham radio.

Then this past weekend, we did it again, this time for "serious fun".
Another tremendously organized effort, with all the portable towers, beams,
generators, etc., that we could muster, use of a big air-conditioned
emergency trailer provided by the appreciative local authorities, and great
barbecue. Good local TV coverage of a serious CONTEST effort, leading we
hope to a top-ten finish in Class 2A.

There was a strong connection between the two events, I assure you.

John, NT5C (FD op at N5TT).

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