[CQ-Contest] Re: Field Day is a Joke...

Roland A. Anders anders at mail.erols.com
Tue Jul 1 14:26:01 EDT 1997

Tyler Stewart wrote:
> Chuck Claver wrote:
> >
> > Hmmm.... maybe Ken, N4UK, has a valid point, but I would like to offer a
> > brief rebuttal.
> >
> > Supose during a real disaster those 20 or so hams are only able to put up a
> > station(s) that comes up with only 10% of the set-up Ken describes.  Then,
> > what you have is an outstanding capability for handling messages under marginal
> > conditions.  The point being that in real disasters nothing ever goes according
> > to some pre-planned script and you never end up with things the way you
> > would really like.
> >
> > It has been pointed out here before that big signal contest stations do have
> > a place in handling emergency traffic.
> >
> > Finally, perhaps the efforts of the 20 or so described taught a few more
> > hams where gazinta and gazouta are on an amplifier.
> >
> > So, I do not agree that Field Day has become a joke.  I for one, was glad to
> > have a few big hitters around - they were the only stations at times able to
> > hear the 5 watts converted from the sun I was putting into the wire.
> >
> > Chuck
> > de NJ6D
> >
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> Exactly right.  It was never created to be a contest, per se.  It was
> intended to be an emergency
> preparedness exercise.  Which means, the priority is to get the mail
> thru anyway you can via amateur radio.
> Packet and packet networks should certainly be a part of that effort.
> The one suggestion I have is to make all class D stations S&P only.
> Since they arent supposed to work each
> other in the first place, I dont think they should be given the
> opportunity to monopolize bandwidth by endlessly running on a
> frequency.  Not only that, but it's irritating to the other D class
> stations who are trying to work the field operations, etc., and end up
> calling another D station, which they dont find out about til after the
> QSO is almost over.  I'm certainly not saying it was a big problem this
> year, I'm just saying let's not turn this into another typical
> stay-at-home bone-crusher contest.  Let's give the "little-guys" a
> chance to have some fun and be heard.
> 73, Tyler K3MM
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I actually went back to the first QST announcement for Field Day (63 
years ago), and it was not billed primarily as an emergency exercise.  It 
was a chance for "portables" to try out their stations in the field, a 
chance for hams to get together to enjoy the outdoors, and to test 
emergency equipment.  And the results of the first FD were reported 
just like the other contest results, with a winner, etc.  Not that it 
matters what the first FD was intended to be, but I constantly see these 
statements that claim that FD was originally this, that, or the other 
thing.  In my opinion, it is whatever you want it to be, and there is 
nothing wrong with it that needs to be fixed.  If you want to go out 
with a totally impractical emergency station just to see how many 
points you can rack up, that's great.  (Ask the guys at N1NH if they 
had a good time, and ask those who worked them if the enjoyed 
finding them on lotsa bands).  If you want to check your emergency van 
and operating techniques, FD is a great opportunity.  If you want to eat 
hotdogs and swap stories while playing with radio gear occasionally--hey, 
sounds like fun to me.  If you want a club activity that has a place for 
every kind of ham in your group, then FD is for you since it 
accommodates: building stuff, antennas, contesting, CW, SSB, FM, Packet, 
Satellite, VHF, UHF, public information, recruiting, emergency 
preparedness, traffic handling, QRP, social events, etc.).  

CU next FD, whatever your approach!  - Rol

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