[CQ-Contest] Field Day is a Joke...

TOMK5RC at aol.com TOMK5RC at aol.com
Wed Jul 2 12:52:00 EDT 1997

Come on, guys. Field Day is what it is.

When I went to my first FD in 1958 with the Larkfield Amateur Radio Club, I
hooked on Ham Radio and Contesting forever.

When I was helping The Texas DX Society with their record breaking FD
we all learned a great deal about logistics, strategy and preparedness.

When I was with the Stephen F. Austin Radio Club, operating under a single
tree with one radio and a battery, I had a great time and enjoyed helping new
hams discover FD and learn operating skills.

Last weekend, my wife (KC5AFO) and I operated FD 1C mobile driving from San
Francisco to Reno. It was a blast operating from five ARRL sections (as

Field Day is what it is. Let's not try to define or regulate an activity that
the creativity of our membership and provides a training ground for
perspective and
new Hams.

73 and DX,

Tom, K5RC/7
(New QTH, Virginia City, NV)

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