[CQ-Contest] QUAD : coax switching and 40m..

Danny MEES on7nq at glo.be
Sun Jul 6 15:07:53 EDT 1997

                                           Hello DX=B4ers/contesters...
Recently I replaced my Mosley PRO67B by a 3 element 5 band quad.It will =
be mounted in box configuration at 55ft and fed with separate1/4 =
wavelength 75 ohm coaxlines thru a remote coaxswitch..
    (a) What would be preferred : unused ports switched to ground or
    (b) isolated ?
    Mechanical considerations have prevented me from putting 30&40m
    on the same antenna...
    (a) Anyone tried reduced size 30&40m loops on his quad ?
    (b) How about bending the loopwires ?
    I=B4m thinking of using the K0SR design ( CQ Magazine July 94 )
    Comments and/or experience are appreciated !  TNX ..
    73 de ON7NQ Danny
      e-mail : ON7NQ at GLO.BE
      dx-cluster : ON4DXA
      bbs : on7nq at on6ar.#an.bel.eu
      snail mail : Danny Mees
                       86 , Van De Reydtlaan
                       B- 2960     BRECHT

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