[CQ-Contest] GW7V on Ynys Mon EU124 IOTA 97 test

Steve Jones steve at rjtrain.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 2 17:03:59 EDT 1997

Hi All,

This is the second of a series of news announcements of a dxpedition to
Ynys Mon (EU124) for the IOTA 1997 contest. Further news announcements
will be issued just before the contest.

Members of the well known GM CQWW SSB multi-multi contest team GM6V have
confirmed their intention to join with friends resident (including
myself GW0GEI) on Ynys Mon (Island of Anglesey) EU124,to compete in IOTA
97. The GM operators confirmed include 20m pile up cruncher
Chris, GM3WOJ, and the mult specialist from GM6V, Jim GM0NAI. 

The intention is to make this event a MAJOR activation weekend from
EU124, and we will be very LOUD!!! We aim to give EU124 to as many
people as possible worldwide on 80-10m. We will QSL 100% anyone who
works us in the contest.

Ynys Mon is a small island off the north west coast of Wales, about
100sq miles in area and a population of just over 70K. 80% of the
population speak the Welsh language, and since this includes myself, we
will welcome qsos in Welsh from long lost friends in the Welsh speaking
former colonies in Patagonia etc. (Dan ni'n croesawi sgwrs yng Nhymraeg
efo frindiau dros y byd, yn enwendig os dach chi'n byw ar unrhyw ynys
arbennig. Ac peidiwch a gweithio'r grwp o G's sydd yn dod i cystadlu yn
erbyn ni ar yr ynys'ma plis - does gynnyn nhw ddim "landing permit"
gynnon ni ! :) )

Although there are a number of radio amateurs on the island, very few
have decent antenna systems due to the high winds experienced here in
winter. In July the wx is (usually!) quieter, and we plan to
have a large antenna farm erected in the three days prior to the

The contest site
The contest site will be located on an elevated site in the middle of
the island.

The towers
There are already two towers up at the site, but we have arranged to
borrow several other mobile towers and portable masts.

The antennas
It is planned to run mono banders on the higher bands (optimised hygain
yagis), plus a TH7 and a triband quad as mult station
antennas. On the low bands there will be verticals, delta loops, and
dipoles on the mult station. On the run station we plan to have a 2 ele
Cushcraft or 3 ele KLM for 40m @ 120ft, and a large wire array on 80m.

The station
There will be a minimum of two listening setups for mult hunting, in
addition to the main run station. Equipment will include an FT1000mp,
2 x Ts950s and a TS850sat, coupled to 2 X Alphas,a TL922, and selectable
home brew (GM3WOJ) single band amps. 

After testing various software packages, we have decided to use EI5DI's
new SDIOTA, since there were ethical questions raised about the homebrew
software which we had been testing ;). In true IOTA contest spirit, we
WILL be stopping the run station to work mults, and trust that other
competitors using networked software packages will do the same.(Yes, we
are aware of who was doing what in previous years, but we are not going
to follow suit). 

Propogation Database
Our propogation database from previous years is now assisting us to put
the final touches to our band strategy. Our preferred operating
frequencies will be announced prior to the contest.

The Callsign- GW7V - Golf Wiskey Seven Victor
It is planned to utilise the GM7V group's special one letter callsign,
with the emphasis on the V for Victory :) This will become GW7V from
EU124. (Licensing details have now been confirmed).

QSL Information
Qsls will be sent via the buro to all stations worked in the contest.
Direct qsls can be sent to me at the following address:
Steve Jones, Bron Heulog, Rhostrehwfa, Llangefni, Ynys Mon, LL77 7AJ
Wales U.K.
Direct qsl requests should include a self addressed envelope and
sufficient return postage/IRCs/dollars.

If you require any information about our contest plans please email me

73 es hpe cu in IOTA 97 from EU124.
Steve GW0GEI
(Sent on behalf of GW7V IOTA 97 contest team)            

**** Please work GM7V on all bands next weekend in the IARU contest ****
Steve Jones
Ynys Mon / Island of Anglesey
Gogledd Cymru / North Wales
UK 6M Group Member 295
GW7J in WAE SSB 97
GW7V in IOTA 97
GM7V multi multi in CQWW SSB 97

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