[CQ-Contest] Contesting in Mexico

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Mon Jul 7 23:48:25 EDT 1997

Hi gang,

I just received my license to operate XE1/WJ2O from Mexico City.  For a mere
485 Pesos (about 60 USD) I have a 6 month license 'til the middle of
December.  This was very exciting.

Now, read second page attached to my license: "El presente permiso no lo
autoriza a participar en concursos de DX, concursos especiales y
expediciones, ni a operar en las Islas Mexicanas."  Which means I can't
operate a DX contest or any contest, participate in any expedition or
activate any Mexican Island.  Well, that about sums up my reason for living.

Being the big, fat and dumb white man that I am, the idea of spending
valuable DXpedition time in a Mexician prison does not appeal to me.  I had
the unhappy experience of returning my airline ticket for this Thursday to my
travel agent.  I will not be operating the IARU contest this weekend from XE
land as scheduled.

I wonder if there has been any other experiences out there like this?

All is not lost.  I plan to visit Mexico City in the fall where I will
"casually operate" (no concurso) for a few days.  I wonder if the Mexican
authorities understand that even when I casually operate it still means 100
CW QSO's per hour or the band must be dead?

73, Dave, WJ2O

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