[CQ-Contest] New CW Pile-up program!Amazing!

Marios Nicolaou 5B4WN mzyd108 at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jul 8 10:16:34 EDT 1997

Hallo there,

just wanted to direct your attention to the new PILE-UP program written by
Richard Everitt, G4ZFE. It is simply amazing! It is very very realistic.
Get an idea of how a VK0IR pile-up sounds on the receiving side.

Requires WINDOWS-95 and a sound-blaster (&co) card.
IT will NOT as yet RUN on WINDOWS 3.11

Have a read of the FEATURES of the program:

a) Up to 9 voices supported

b) Each voice is faster in speed and lower in volume than the previous to
simulate the "layering" of stations found in pileups; 

c)The tone of each call is different in the pileup to simulate the
spread of stations in a pileup; 

d)Competition mode. 50 callsigns are sent. As each callsign (or partial
callsign) has been copied it should be typed into the keyboard. At the end
of the session a list of received andtransmitted callsigns is displayed and your score calculated. I find
this mode useful for indicating the characters in callsigns which hams 
have most difficulty in reading (e.g S/H, D/B etc); 

e)Practice mode. Callsigns are sent and then displayed on the screen. 

f)DL4MM RUFZ mode. Emulation of the popular RUFZ program. 

g)"Internet Ready". Ability to send high score over Internet as well as
receive the top 5 high scores (see on-line help for further details).
Dedicated high score web-page.

h) Two callsign data files. Callsigns are from the logs of M6A and M7A
during the: 

        1.1996 CQ WW CW contest; 
        2.1997 CQ WPX CW contest; 

i)  As the data files are text files you can create your own data files
for your favourite contests.

And not only that, Pile-up is FREEWARE, so you are welcome to download it
from http://www.babbage.demon.co.uk/pileup95.html (or follow the links
from his main page http://www.babbage.demon.co.uk and have a look at more
helpful web-applications available free to download)

Please report any bugs, suggestions, comments to G4ZFE
     richard at babbage.demon.co.uk

Many congratulations to Richard for this amazing program!

Best 73s and CU in the pile-ups!

Marios Nicolaou

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