[CQ-Contest] Re: SS Legends

Tue Jul 8 23:16:40 EDT 1997

> K7BG Matt Trott asks ...
> > Why wasn't (two radio operating) used before computers by
> > the top ops? (maybe it was???):

Well it sort of was ..... let's not forget the numerous OPs who used two
 recievers and one xmtr on their  Collins "S" lines, and Drake "C" lines

 A homemade switchbox delegated the xmtr transcieve signal to either the
 left -or- right hand reciever.  This, combined with the xmtrs VFO gave
 the well equipped BIG GUN an effective THREE FREQUENCY MEMORY !!!!!
 Something considerd a huge advantage in the 70s !!!  And alll the big
 guns had it!
 It wasn't xactly two radio operation .... lets call it one -and- one
half radioes ...


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