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Richard L. King k5na at bga.com
Wed Jul 9 14:48:58 EDT 1997

>>I began to ponder the psyche of these operators and I, with some 
>>realized that (at least as far as said article goes) there was no 
>>mention of
>>"two radio" operating. I'm quite sure that they both had at least two 
>>(stations) so that wasn't the limiting factor.

In the 1970s, as K5PFL, I set up for three radio contesting. The stations

	Collins KWM2/75S3B ==> Henry 2K4
	Drake B-line ==> SB220
	Drake C-line ==> Henry 2K4 (a second one)

It took two desks and a chair with fast rollers to use them all. I still
have some of the headphone/microphone/keyer homebrew switching boxes in
use. The boxes were set up to select up to two out of the three rigs at any
one time and to direct the audio to either ear.

When I first set this up, the strategy was to avoid retuning amplifiers
during band changes. I thought it was cool to jump between 10/15/20
instantly and maybe I would have a small edge because of it. It was later
that the advanced strategy of running on one and S/P on another became the
obvious thing to do. 

I think the use of computers and contest software has really brought two
radio contesting into widespread use. I find it makes a terrific difference
in fast dup detection, a big improvement from the old days.

73, Richard

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