[CQ-Contest] Computers vs paper

Ron DeBry Ron.DeBry at uc.edu
Wed Jul 9 20:58:50 EDT 1997

>Trey, N5KO, wrote:
>>In my opinion, computer logging slows you down in pileup situations
>>because it's so hard to put partial callsigns in the log.  Maybe
>>someone will come up with a killer scratch-pad capability in a logging
>>program that will finally move us past this problem.  N6TR has made
>>the best attempt so far, but it can still be awkward under some
>How about having the call entry routine perform a real-time dupe
>check AS the call is being entered.. say starting after the first
>four characters have been entered... this would eliminate (at least
>in CT) having to <Space> to the next field to see if the call's a
>Just a thought.
>Tom   N0SS

That's not the point he was making. In a big high rate pileup you might
be getting only partial calls - but you can often hear 4-5 different
partial calls all at once. On paper you can fill in the next 5 lines
with partials. Keeps you that much ahead of the pile and helps keep the
rate up. Much, much harder to do when you've got the arrow keys and
general fumble-fingers typing between you and the next five lines in
the log. Impossible to do if the computer requires a complete QSO
before letting you see the next line in the log.

In these situations, you're not even trying to track dupes - work
everybody who calls and sort them out later.

It's funny how quickly the old ways of doing things can come back to
you. I stopped by the local general ham club's FD and operate a couple
of hours on 40 CW. Paper logs and dupe sheets, no computer anywhere
except the packet station. Before I even had a chance to think about
it, there I was putting little tic-marks next to the call in the log
once it made it into the dupe sheet. (no - the rate wasn't so high I
couldn't keep up, but between the wind blowing the dupe sheet around
and guys wandering by with a cup of coffee and a doughnut asking about
this morse code stuff, I was usually a bit behind in the duping).

   -- 73, Ron

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