[CQ-Contest] Ideal Transceiver Discussion

Lee Buller k0wa at southwind.net
Thu Jul 10 09:39:04 EDT 1997

Guys and Gals...you missed the point of the discussion.  

I don't want to discuss the finer points of already existing rigs.  Everyone
knows those things ad naseum.  What I want to discuss is what you would like
in an ideal rig if  you could build one from scratch.  Think of it as a
Legos rig.  What would you like?

How about....built in 2500 QSOs for each contest entered?   OK?  Lets get
serious and talk about what you would like in a rig from Lego Radio Company?

k0wa at southwind.net

PS - The 850 is not for sale....yet!

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