[CQ-Contest] Re: 2 Radios on SSB

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Thu Jul 10 23:14:21 EDT 1997

>I agree with N6IG, that SS SSB doesn't require two radios from the west
>coast.  I've never been able to switch mic lines (or DVP outputs) without
>lotsa hum, so haven't really worried about SSB with 2 or more rigs.  Looks
>like the box described in the NA manual would work. Bill (W4AN), have you
>switched mics/DVP with yours?

Yes I use Dave Pruett's switchbox described in the NA manual.  It makes
operating SSB with two radios just like operating CW with two radios.
Everything is automatic.  If I hit the F4 key (my call) and there is a 2nd
radio callsign qued up, then it stops the CQ on the DVP on radio #1 and
dumps the contents of F4 to radio #2, then starts the CQ back up on radio
#1.  To the listener on radio #1, it sounds like I might have slipped off
the footswitch for a second.  

IMO, the only reason you aren't doing 2 radios in SS SSB, is because nobody
is pushing you to do it.  Be glad N6TR and N5TJ dont prefer SSB.  I will say
that the one time I operated the SS SSB, I came away swearing I would never
operate it again.  It is, without a doubt, the most physically demanding
contest of the operator.  My hat is off to the guys who come back to it year
after year like George.

BTW, TRLog has the same capability for SSB switching accomplished through
some relay closure.  Described in the TRLog manual.  Again, eveything is
automatic.  Maybe Tree or George can expand on their scheme. 

Is Steve London using 2 radios in SS SSB?   



Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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