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Leith Jennings leith at inhb.co.nz
Fri Jul 11 21:51:14 EDT 1997

Lee Buller wrote:
> Guys and Gals...you missed the point of the discussion.
> I don't want to discuss the finer points of already existing rigs.  Everyone
> knows those things ad naseum.  What I want to discuss is what you would like
> in an ideal rig if  you could build one from scratch.  Think of it as a
> Legos rig.  What would you like?
> How about....built in 2500 QSOs for each contest entered?   OK?  Lets get
> serious and talk about what you would like in a rig from Lego Radio Company?
> Lee
> k0wa at southwind.net
> PS - The 850 is not for sale....yet!
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Funny thing about tranceivers and radio design. What makes that perfect tranceiver or 
radio "feel" right and "look" right?. I don't have an answer but I can give you 
examples. The Collins KWM2 and 75A4, Viking Ranger, FT101E, TS930, FT1000D are all 
examples of good design and they "felt" right to operate.

Others such as the Signal CX1, Central electronics 100V, KWM1, FT100, Central 
Electronics 20A, TS820, NRD525, FT1 and others never "made it",  were unweildy to use in 
a contest and "died" in the market place. In modern days the TS950SDX was one of those. 
Lotsa knobs - average performance and the designer put everything but the kitchen sink 
into it.

I am sure all of us have succumbed to the lure of advertising and bought a new piece of 
gear and after owning for a few months, wished you had never bought it in the first 
place.Technically it may have been elegant but it was a dog from an operational point of 
view. We all have owned them!

So what makes a "classic" design. Bottom line is I don't know.... but that's what you 
need to have your perfect tranceiver designed as Lee! The point of all this is that the 
ideal tranceiver has to haved that indefineable little bit of "class" ... that little 
"extra" like the two tuning knobs on the FT1000D with two VFO's on each knob. 
Brilliant!!! and brilliant design. For those of you who are avid DXers and contesters 
(is there anything else in life?) Look at how many knobs you twiddle in a contest. Look 
at what features you actually use. Amazing. 

Find the answer Lee and you will have a first class air ticket to any radio manufacturer 
in the world. 

For me.......Mecca is an FT1000D, K7BV's antenna system, sunspots of 200+ and a callsign 
of ZL9CI.

73 de Lee ZL2AL 
L. F. (Lee) Jennings  ZL2AL   -   ex ZL8RI, ZL7AA, VE3LJ, VE3OE
"The worst day of DXing is infinitely  better than the best day working"
            "Ham radio is not so much a hobby as a way of life"

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