[CQ-Contest] paper vs machine

Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jul 11 18:10:26 EDT 1997

Recently, BILL FISHER wrote:

>If you can type fast, computer logging is faster and less fatiguing.

I really have to agree (at least in my case), even if you're NOT so
fast at typing (as others have pointed out).  When I recall using
paper, it took (relatively) a long time to make a correction on paper.
I had to erase what I had written in, blow away the eraser dust, and
then re-enter the correct call.  Arrows and CTL W may not great, but it's
better than using an eraser!

Also (again, at least in my case), I found it VERY difficult to go
much faster than 120/hr because it was so tough to keep my handwriting
legible (not to mention keeping the DUPE sheet up to date).

So I guess if you had/have great handwriting, my arguments make no sense.

de Doug  KR2Q

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