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<< W9IOP and W4KFC were the kingpins of SS in those days and into the early
70's. >>

Funny how the same two guys keep being mentioned.  I recall, as a 14 year old
K9WVJ, how I would wait in line just to have the privilege of showing up in
their logs.  I think what made both of these gentlemen seem larger than life
to the following generation of contesters was the fact that they were
incredibly disciplined and smooth operators, who were technically astute, and
who knew how to responsibly use the tremendously commanding signals that they

In today's gotta-have-it world of credit cards and 800 numbers, I see
regretably few operators of the stature of these giants of radio contesting.
 If we can all seek to emulate the dignity and class that these guys
consistently demonstrated, we might reignite some of the contest magic that
many say is missing today. 

Paul, KB8N

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