[CQ-Contest] Ideal transceiver

Harper, David HARPERD at TX.slr.com
Fri Jul 11 17:32:32 EDT 1997

Let me add a few details to Kelly's fine wish list:
>Wish list (some of which is already available on some rigs):
>1. multiple antenna ports


>That's about all I can think of

13.  Included 6M 100 watt capability with separate antenna connector.
14.  Large easy-to-read display (in any light).
15.  Easy to switch from 120VAC to 220VAC (and 12VDC, but that might be
asking too much!)
16.  Wide-range CW off-set with tracking sidetone, set with a knob, not
a menu.
17.  Fully adjustable headphone mixing for dual vfo's.
18.  Computer control available for EVERYTHING.
I'd think of some more, but gotta get back to work before the boss comes
by, heh heh.

>73 all
>ve4xt at mts.net

73, Dave WD5N  /  VP5EA

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