[CQ-Contest] NCJ CTT&T topic

Gary Sutcliffe ppvvpp at mixcom.com
Sun Jul 13 08:47:15 EDT 1997

HI gang.

The NCJ deadline approaches and I am again seeking your input for the
Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques column.  The topic for this issue is:

     Entry Class Selection  

What factors help you decide what class to compete in contests?  Do you seek
or avoid classes with the most competition?  Why do you prefer high power,
low power, or QRP?  Why do you like single band or all band efforts?  What
about single vs. Multi-op?  Do you prefer to use packet if the rules allow it?  

Please email your comments directly (ppvvpp at mixcom.com) by July 16. Thanks
again for your help!

73 - Gary W9XT

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