[CQ-Contest] ITU ZONE vs CQ ZONE

Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jul 14 02:47:52 EDT 1997

This is a SOFTWARE problem.  In CQWW, you are supposed to
copy what is sent, but COUNT what counts!  So if CE2XYZ sends
you 599001, you LOG 599001, but COUNT CE and 12.
Not sure what IARU has to say about COPYING the exchange
versus COUNTING mults.

de Doug  KR2Q

>A number of stations that Steve (W0UN with K9AN, op) has worked this
>weekend are obviously sending their CQ zone and not their ITU zone.
>Of course "log what you copy" but if they send the wrong zone and it is a
>mult then your score is not correct.
>Is there a concensus of what should be done to keep the score correct 
>when the other station obviously sends the wrong zone?
>You get in trouble either way--either you didn't log what was copied or
>you claimed a zone you didn't work.
>John  W0UN

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