[CQ-Contest] Ideal transceiver - a real CW keyer?

Robert w5robert at blkbox.COM
Mon Jul 14 00:42:04 EDT 1997

I believe one reason (maybe minor) that CW suffers is vendors do not offer 
options on the CW keyer.  The famous Curtis Type A or B discussion.  You
will find MANY
not into contesting are Type A, but everyone makes their rig with built in
Type B keyers.
I could be happy with the Type B IF they would offer means to turn the
dot/dash memory OFF!!
Yaesu ARE YOU LISTENING??  (Seems like a simple ROM upgrade )

So Item one is:  dot/dash memory ON/OFF or Type A/B selection on the

item 1A:  A DSP function to auto null out carriers.  I don't care much for
the other DSP functions
until they "work", but the auto carrier null is great !!   Can almost work
40 and forget the broadcasters
are there (almost).

Item 2:   RS232 port for rig control and monitoring.  

Item 3:  Properly switched seperate receive antenna (disconnect it when in
transmit !!)

Item 4:  ROM upgrades when good features can be added into a rig - and make
it so the ROM
can be mailed out and installed by the user.

Item 5:  A HEAVY DUTY, QUIET, QSK hookup to key amplifer. (no
switched/noisy relays)

Item 6:  ALL HF rigs to have same mic connection on front - Is this a ARRL
or some ANSI problem for
not setting a standard?  (Ditto Packet, RTTY, Amplifer, VFO, Converter,
DVP, DSP, etc. hookups)

Item 7:  Reduced weight and size for travel.  Always offer 120VAC and 12
(or ?)VDC BOTH as standard items.

Item 8:  Always a good auto tuner built-in which will handle 160-10.

Item 9:  Auto shutdown when overheated........

Item 10:  True dual receive that 2nd receiver can listen on 2nd band while
transmitter is active....

And reaching - A built in 2 to 5 watt 2 mtr. or 440mhz  radio with 9600
baud modem for linking with CT/TR/NA or to 
your local cluster....  (no bells just functional)

Robert W5AJ

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