[CQ-Contest] Some Contest-Rule Topics

Richard J Norton n6aa at juno.com
Mon Jul 14 16:20:37 EDT 1997

I would be interested in seeing opinions from this group posted here
regarding contesting in general for the following:

1) Should QRP and/or low-power category entrants call stations using
high-power, and ask them to listen for their QRP/low-power signal?

2) If the answer to 1) is no, should there be a rule against it?

3) Should single-band category entrants move contacts and/or multipliers
to their band from other bands?

Note that most contests allow single-band entrants to make other-band
contacts as a "check log." The question is after making these check-log
contacts, can they move the stations to their band?

4) If the answer to 3) is no, should there be a rule against it?


Dick Norton, N6AA

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