[CQ-Contest] Two Radio Switch Box Source?

Greg Fields aa0ob at popmail.skypoint.com
Mon Jul 14 23:00:04 EDT 1997


Does anyone know if you can purchase commercially a two-radio 
switch box? After all the time, effort, and money, my projects
still come out looking like some preschooler put it together.
Call me a appliance operator but, with all my commitments my time
would be better spent purchasing a switch box. At least then I 
know it should work and it will look decent! I have not seen such
a box advertised. The one in the NA manual looks ideal. Is anyone
putting these things together and selling them on their own? Seems
like their should be market for this, although a small one. I would
really like to put together a two radio set up here for Sweep Stakes
but, the switch box seems to be key to doing it right. Any suggestions?


Greg K0OB

aa0ob at skypoint.com

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