[CQ-Contest] Some Contest-Rule Topics

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Mon Jul 14 20:59:02 EDT 1997

Unfortunately we seem to be at a stage of stretching the rules of
contests as far as they will go. Forgotten is the intentions of the

Power levels/classes are what they are. It doesn't say anything about
being parttime during a contest. You run QRP, you're expected to have the
power cut to 5 watts and keep it that way. Likewise for low power. You
don't get credit for lighting up the amp to bust a pileup for a needed

QRP and low power are classes people choose and they should be
competitive with ALL OTHERS in that class. Some true QRP'rs don't even
have higher power rigs. 

This is a question of the honesty and respect we have for our

As for a single band station trying to move stations from another band,
to me that is solicitation which is addressed in some contests, but even
more I feel use of the same station on other bands becomes an assisted
operation the same as attacking spots off a DX Cluster would be. Help by
anyone including yourself outside your selected entry is improper.

73, Bob Reed, W2CE
    Toms River, New Jersey

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