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i4jmy at migate.ampr.org i4jmy at migate.ampr.org
Tue Jul 15 14:19:03 EDT 1997

    The majority of us, if not all, live in a world were it's a primary
  need for survival to be awake of someone around us who's just waiting
  to overtake us or to bring something we got, away from our hands.
    This is a sort of modern "law of the jungle" and there is someting
  probably concerned in human nature that's producing it
    There is no chance this wouldn't be existing also in any sport or in 
  any competitive activity.
    Rules are then an obvious need for a contest, but a control is even
  more required otherways without it's like an encouragement to violate
  the stated rules.
    Naturally not everything could be under a committee control and a
  lot of things are still depending on individuals, but in 1997 at
  least some cross-check and statistics are easily possible by PC use.
    Unfortunately what's properly going on with some contest, CQWW and
  not many others, seems not a generalized trend.
    What's probably not yet understood is the importance of credibility
  in the final results.
    Modern times made ideas exchange very fast and developed, people
  eyes are then "open". Nowaday "rookie contester" has very little in
  common with a 10 years ago one...
    Anyway, coming back to the topic, among some ideas to give a valid
  log check, at least three should be effective and easy to apply.

  The first is to look for unique QSOs and giving a limit to them.

  The second is to establish a maximum QSO number per minute, a little
  more than human possibility could be a reasonable number. It should
  prevent or at least limit any gross...extra filling in the log.

  The third is to give a time in a mode change (in mixed mode contests)
  This last one is a practical suggestion about mixed-mode contests, 
  to prevent contemporary dual runner stations, one CW and one SSB,
  where it is not permitted by rules.

  Let me (us) know what do You think about.
  Thank You for reading.

  73, Mauri I4JMY (one of IR4T).

  e-mail i4jmy at uugate.aim.utah.edu

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