[CQ-Contest] Web-based URL for CQ-Contest magazine ?

JOE and TAM BV/N0IAT joentam at transend.com.tw
Thu Jul 17 14:31:25 EDT 1997

Some hams were discussing a relatively new magazine published by CQ-Press
entitled "CQ-Contest".  Is this still in publication?   

I am interested in beginning plans to build a contest station when/if we
ever get back to the USA.   I would like to have some rough plans
developed ahead of time, primarily in the areas of antennas and towers.   
My ambition is to have a 2-tower station, utilizing a combination of 
monobanders and trap yagi's.   This would hardly be a W3LPL or W9RE type
of event -- something more on the lines of suburban contester.  

I've been away from the antenna market for several years, hence, the only
practical information that I have on the newer antenna systems is what I
read on the reflector (like Force 12, TH11DXX, Mosley PRO series etc).  

I hope this magazine has some articles on suburban contesting --
especially suburban antenna options.   I would also like to hear from hams
who have put together competition class antenna systems on relatively
small lots.  

Thanks for your comments and advice.  I just cancelled my QST since that
rag is getting so non-technical and 2mFM oriented.  Looking to fill a

Joe  BV/N0IAT    dit dit 

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