[CQ-Contest] QRPer runs 2KW

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Fri Jul 18 18:58:53 EDT 1997

On 7/17/97 22:42, Trey Garlough at trey at kkn.net wrote:

>You call a guy with a KW, then tell him "Now I'm going to call you
>with five watts.  Please listen."  When he hears you, you make the QSO
>and put it in your log.
>Q: Is this a violation of the rules?
>   a) No, the QRO contact isn't against the rules because you didn't
>      claim credit for it in your single op QRP log.
>   b) Yes, the QRO contact is a violation because you used non-contest
>      means to improve your score.

[ #2 Description of a cross-band pass deleted ]

[ #3 Description of non-amatuer contact solicitation deleted ]

>I believe all three examples are exactly equal from a philosophical
>standpoint, yet only #3 is specifically prohibited.

OK, by the same reasoning, what contest rules obstacle is there to 
running 50 kW to get a station's attention, and then "working" him with 
only 1.5 kW? Then you can honestly sign the summary sheet where it says 
that you operated within the rules of your license for the duration of 
the contest. After all, the time when you were running 50 kW didn't 
"count" for the contest. 

(Realistically, you'd have to run 450 kW to be 300 times louder than 1.5 
kW, just as 1500 W is 300 times louder than 5 W)

I'm sure #3 is specifically prohibited because at some point in contest 
history, someone abused this technique to inflate their score. 

The reason there are not specific prohibitions for #1, is that the rules 
are "understood" as prohibiting it. If you are QRP, you run less than 5 W 
(or whatever) during the contest period.

#2 hasn't been specifically prohibited because it isn't clear that it 
shouldn't be allowed.

I can see some really wild combinations coming out of this. Let's say I'm 
doing a single-band QRP effort, and I'm bored because there's no one to 
work. So I hop over to 20m, which is so crowded that I flip on the 
amplifier (don't I wish). I call CQ, work someone for the checklog, then 
ask them to listen for me on 10m QRP!

Worse, I call my buddy Bill, NU4AW (a multipler station) on the telephone 
and ask him to get on 20m. There I work him for the checklog with the 
amp, then move him to 10m for the QRP contact.


(I feel a Dr. Bafoofnik spoof is lurking around here somewhere...)

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