[CQ-Contest] AEA MM-3 Battery Replacement

N4CW at aol.com N4CW at aol.com
Sun Jul 20 22:37:26 EDT 1997

I found a way....
First, I tried K7FR's suggestion of using a Radio Shack Lithium Battery
Holder (Cat. No. 270-430, $1.99). It didn't quite fit. I could have epoxied
it to the circuit board, but it would have looked like hell. Also, the holder
accomodates a slightly smaller battery that the one I was replacing (less
For the record, and you might note this in your MM-3 Owner's Manual, the
battery is a  type CR2430, Lithium 3V. There's a local battery store here in
Raleigh called "Batteries Plus", I believe it's franchised. Anyway, I called
them and asked if they had any CR2430 in stock...sure did...and they're
around $2.50 @. When I asked if they had tabs, I was told "No...but...". They
have a mini spot welding machine that will put tabs on the battery if you
need them. I went right over. 10 minutes and $4 later, I walked out of the
store with an exact replacement. Works fine!
I hope this information made somebody's life a little easier.
73, Bert N4CW

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