[CQ-Contest] talented keyers

Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jul 21 00:51:45 EDT 1997

N5KO said:

>I know there are a few telegraphy geniuses out there who transcend
>mortal status when it comes to sending CW, such as K5-Mutant-Mutant,
>who can send 40 WPM with either hand with the paddle in either
>orientation.  I continue to be astounded by this, yet I bravely press
>ahead.  :-)

I too have found some amazing abilities in local op's.  When I first
was invited to the K2GL/N2AA m/m (1976), I almost immediatedly noticed that
N2AA (the man himself) seemed to have both hands free all the time
while operating cw.  One hand could change antennas, or tune the rig,
or grab a drink, while the other hand would log.  Gene would sit there
happily bobbing his head around while filling in the log at a great
pace.  It wasn't until I took a close look, that I noticed that there
was NO KEY anywhere...the OM had installed a balance key on top of his
headphones and was sending cw with his head, thus freeing up both
hands!  Then I looked around the shack and saw a similar thing on
15...K2SS also had both hands free but his legs were moving at a million
meters per second...he was sending cw by using his knees!  When I finally
got around to looking at 160, well....K5NA had one hand selecting
between Cuban cigars, chocolate, and poppy-cock, while the other hand
was logging the boys.  But the OC just couldn't sit still...he was just
bouncing up and down and wiggling left and right in his chair!  I decided
not to look...but when you get a chance, ask Richard about the difference
between an A.H. and a  ....oh...nevermind.

de Doug  KR2Q

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