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z.pitman at libertel.nl z.pitman at libertel.nl
Mon Jul 21 18:06:09 EDT 1997

Just a pratical observation: in my opinion it's better to send the dots
(short ones) with the forefinger. That finger is somehow more agile. 

IMO, it doesn't effect the "side-changing" ability. When I started
contesting I learned transmitting the left hand and logging with the right

(An interesting add-in: the only man whom I know being able to transmit CW
and speak or write simultaneously -HA1TD- said he couldn't learn
transmitting with the left hand [he's right-handed] and he learned to write
with the left hand. Somehow it came from the magic organization of the human

BTW, count me as one who vote for manual logging is faster/more effective.
Just think of the situation when more than one station call you at a time.
None of the contest softwares allow you to enter more than 1 call at a time.
 With the paper log you can fill the callsign field of the next couple of
lines and work them all in a row. Baldur DJ6SI is a master of this type of
CW operation.

73s de Zoli PA/HA1AG
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