[CQ-Contest] Time Limits

Kurt kurt308 at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 22 13:40:35 EDT 1997

>>There are a very few people with the constitutional fortitude to operate
>>a radio continuously for 48 hours straight. If the single ops were
>>permitted to do so, then some would. But others, realising their
>>limitations, would figure they couldn't compete, and would not operate
>>Further, many locales don't have useful propagation for all 48 hours.
>>These folks would realise they couldn't compete, and would not operate.
>>By limiting the number of hours, a new strategic element is introduced.
>>You must anticipate when your worst hours will occur in order to maximize
>>your score.

I absolutely, irrevocably agree!!!

I, and an increasing number of other "ol' codger" contesters cannot man a
station for 48 hours straight and therefore cannot enter an all-band, 48
hour contest.  We are limited to single band, or not at all.  Would still
love to go like hell elebow to elbow with the youngsters but I can't.  The
youngsters who still cry for the full 48 will someday flip to the other
side of the coin.... if they live long enough.  And that may not be all that
many years.  It strained me considerably at 40 to try 48 straight.

Rod, W5HVV
w5hvv at aeneas.net

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