[CQ-Contest] There are worse things than time limits

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 22 19:55:13 EDT 1997

Hey gang,

This is the second time we beat time limits around..seems the results were
about the same.  We are all different and that makes us better.

I do remember the "quotas" in the ARRL CW many years ago.  Bob Shanks W5CKY
(later W5AO) gave out many a Mississippi Q on CW in the ARRL DX.  One of the
newcomers was at his place while he was on 40 CW (Bob dominated 7002 with
his beam at 90').  He passed up a strong SP station about midnight and the
newcomer asked why?  Bob replied he had reached his limit with Poland.
Seems by the second weekend Bob worked mainly 20 or 80 and his only 40
activity was to work JA or ZL early in the morning.  Talk about being
"handcapped" this beats time limits hands down!!!  

Dave K4JRB

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