[CQ-Contest] Conetest Rules

Martin Luther MartinL at appdes.com.au
Fri Jul 25 11:58:43 EDT 1997

1 - The issue of things being done that fringe on the existing rules
like moving people onto another band for a mono band effort or the issue
of QRO initialisation of a QRP contact are clear vialations of the
spirit of the rules.I am concerned that we do not get into the need to
have a rule for everything. Making a rule book which is very thick and
full of legalistic gobbledegook.

I think we should be prepared to use forums like this to expose issues
we don't like and identify those stations who are pushing the rules
boundaries beyond what is acceptable.

So long as I know what was done I don't care if it is sufficiently legal
to avoid disqualification. I just read the results the same way I do
knowing those stations using excessive power. I use my mental "white
out" to remove their call from the list when I read the results. Mentaly
correcting everyone elses position.

2 - There seems to have been an implied thread that there is only one
set of "correct" rules. The latest burst on 30 v 48 hours is like this.
Some explicitly state that contesting is ONLY about getting the fastest
I think this is wrong, it's like saying there should be only one type of
motor racing, choose between formula 1, Nascar, indy, go-karts, saloons
etc etc. As the French very realistically say "Vive la difference"!
Variety is what it is all about. Some contests emphasise certain skills
like the strategy of WHEN to be operating, others emphasise their
multiplier, some emphasise rate but ONLY if you get the multiplier
anyway. Take a look at the WRTC results to see this in action.
I stoutly defend the hours limited contests for some logical reasons, 
	it does level the geographic playing field a bit,
 	it allows for limited operation whether through old age or
family comittments or whatever, 
	it provides another challenging aspect to the game especially
liked by those who view the use of the human brain as exciting rather
than threatening,
but really and truly I defend it because I like it that way. I enjoy
those contests.
However,I wouldn't want all contests to be exactly the same as those
that have time llimitations.
I simply cannot understand why you insist that my enjoyment should be
curtailed when I do not insist that you should become like me. Lets
maintain the variety.

3 - Old age in contesting has come up. Okay feller, I'm in my late
forties so obviously handicapped by age. You get on my playing field.
come down to VK5 and I'll wup yer ass fer you in any contest you name.
Come to think of it save the air fare just try and beat K3ZO or a stack
of other old men.(Sorry Fred, but you know what I mean)

I'm sorry sir you were badly advised by the person you claim to be a top
contester. Time limited contests are not there because we are an ageing
lot, they have always been there. I have always liked the extra
challenge they provide even when I was a young man in a less
geographically disadvantaged location. I would be careful he was not
just pulling your leg a little.

Variety is the spice of life. and I doooooooo like a little spice in my

73's to all

Martin VK5GN
MartinL at appdes.com.au

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