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Fri Jul 25 12:29:37 EDT 1997

I was just stunned to read the following from KW9KW:

>In an interesting twist of fate I have accepted a job offer from
>Chicago and will be leaving shortly.  One problem associated with my
>move was the need to find a new Editor for the NCJ because I will not
>have the time to devote to the magazine for quite a while.

For one, I'm really sorry to see you give this up, Dave.  I think you
have done a super job with the NCJ and all of us who are readers of the
NCJ should consider ourselves deeply in your debt for your having taken
on that challenge.  I know it must be a time-consuming job, and I really
wonder where you found the time to devote to it.  Knowing what the going
rate of pay for that job has been, I (like a lot of others) have just
been enraged at the sticks and stones that have been thrown at you for
the ARRL production screw-ups over which you had no control.  But for
those things over which you did have control, I think you have recruited
a super team of people to help you and have just executed brilliantly in
putting out some great issues.  Congratulations, and thanks. 

>73, Dave Patton, W9QA
>ex KW9KW WX3N

What's this????  ANOTHER new call???  You're getting as bad as
KM9...N4V...K4A...W4A...whoever.   :-)

Bruce, N6NT

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