[CQ-Contest] 1997 YO DX Contest - Invitation and Rules

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Tue Jul 29 19:54:32 EDT 1997


Romanian radio-amateur federation (FRR) and Romanian DX Club (YO DX
Club) have the honour of inviting amateurs from all over the world to
take part in the 1997 YO DX Contest.

These are the rules for this contest:


1. Contest period: every first Sunday of August from 00-20 UTC. For
1997: 03 August

2. Bands and modes: 3.5; 7; 14; 21; 28 MHz CW and SSB according to IARU
Region 1 band plan.

3.Categories:  A = single operator single band
                       B = single operator multiband
One person performs all operating and logging  and these stations are
allowed one transmitted signal at any time.
                       C = multi - operator single transmitter
multiband. More than one person performs operating and logging.

Once a station starts operating on a given band and mode, it must remain
on that band and mode at least 10 minutes.

4. Contest call: CQ YO Contest or TEST YO.

5. Exchange: RS(T) plus zone number according to ITU. YO stations will
send after RS(T) two letters representing the county. The counties in
each call area are:
		YO2 = AR. CS. HD. TM.
		YO3 = BU. IF
		YO4 = BR. CT. GL. TL. VN.
		YO5 = AB. BH. BN. CJ. MM. SJ. SM.
		YO6 = BV. CV. HR. MS. SB.
		YO7 = AG. DJ. GJ. MH. OT. VL.
		YO8 = BC. BT. IS. NT. SV. VS.
		YO9 = BZ. CL. DB. GR. IL. PH. TR.      Maximum 42

6. Points: 8 points for a QSO with a YO station wherever its operating
QTH is.
	    Example: a QSO with YO4AB/MM or 9K2/YO9HP is granted 8 pts.
	    4 pts. for a QSO with a station outside the own continent
	    2 pts. for a QSO with a station within the own continent
	    0 pts. for a QSO with a station within the own country which
should be made only for zone multiplier.

7. Multiplier: Sum of ITU zones and YO counties worked on each band
including own ITU zone.

8. Final score: Sum of QSO points on all bands times the sum of worked
multipliers on all bands.

9. Special conditions:
		- Contacts between stations in the same DXCC country are
permitted only for zone multiplier.
		- A station may be worked only once per band regardless
of operating mode 
		- All competitors have to abide to these rules and make
this statement on the Summary sheet.
		- In case of dispute, the final decision is taken by the
Contest Committee and cannot be overruled.

10. Log instructions:
		- all times must be in UTC
		- IMPORTANT! Use separate sheets for each band,
otherwise that log should be considered as Check log.
		- report RS(T) and number of the own ITU zone sent- only
at the beginning of each sheet and when changing operating mode.
		- report RS(T) and number of ITU zone or YO country
abbreviation received- for each	contact.
		- zone and county multipliers have to be indicated in 2
figures or 2 letters in the ZONE column.
		- each log has to be accompanied by a Summary sheet
showing usual data: callsign, country, name, address, participation
category, number of contacts, points, multiplier, score, station
description. Also it has to include a signed statement that all contest
rules and regulations for amateur radio in the own country has been

11. Deadline: all entries must be postmarked within 30 days after the
contest and mailed to the following address:

Romanian Amateur Radio Federation P.O.Box 22-50 R-71100  Bucuresti,

12. Classifications and awards:
		- separate classifications for each country and
		- the top score competitor regardless of entry category
will be entitled "International Short Wave Champion of Romania" and will
get a crystal cup.
		- the top score from each continent regardless of entry
category will be entitled  "Continental leader" and will become Honorary
Member of the YO DX Club.
		- the stations classified on the first place in sections
Band C and on each band in section A in each country will get an award.

********** end of YO DX Contest rules**************


73 de Mike, YO3CTK

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