[CQ-Contest] IOTA Number I.D.

W5ASP at aol.com W5ASP at aol.com
Tue Jul 29 19:32:53 EDT 1997

I've operated the IOTA Contest a number of times in the past. Each time I
come away somewhat dissatified that I was unable to conveniently relate the
IOTA "numbers" to a specific geographical location during the course of the

Obviously I not an "IOTA Chaser" and hence have not the ongoing background to
quickly identify who's where. I have an rather ancient printed copy of some
IOTA numbers, but it's useless as a reference while operating.

SO... anyone got a source where I can get a current ASCII file of IOTAs that
could be searched in real time? Or perhaps a map with the numbers shown...
Maybe by next year Dave or Tree will have something in their software, but I
going to get an early start looking, it's just more fun when you know where
NA 999 is on the map.  

Please reply direct...


Joe, W5ASP  

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