[CQ-Contest] Es polarization

VR97BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Jul 31 05:39:03 EDT 1997

K6LL described a recent experience with 10m Es & then asked:

 With all of the verticals on 10 meter SSB, this may be a
 good reason to install a 10m vertical for the upcoming NAQP

Back a cycle or two, N7AYF would often find the best of his five or six
antennas on 10m was one of those CB quad things that could be switched
between horizontal & vertical polarization.  Even with the v-pol feedline
full of water, there was many a time where the quad on vertical would beat
a horizontal 6-element monobander from the same height.

As we all know, 10m is a band which behaves like HF at times, VHF at others
& does other wierd stuff inbetween.  I've seen being able to select
polarization make a substantial difference & one of the things I want to do
someday is to rig my quad for dual-pol feed for this band.  A vertical
would be a good start, but I think vertically polarized gain is the trick!

73, VR97BrettGraham

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